HONORS LEGACY – Maldives finest…
There are yachts, and there is HONORS LEGACY.
Exceeding the expectations, this Luxury Yacht to grace the Maldivian seas is designed and built in the Maldives by locally renowned Offshore Architectures of Alifushi Island.
HONORS LEGACY is a class ahead of its class, together with its beautiful design a special attention was given to the materials for the construction. Tholan timber was used to create the super structure and all interiors were made with Kapur timber. To ensure the quality, the main outdoor structure is fully laminated and polished with fiberglass and all outdoor decks are teak laid. All indoor ceilings were also furnished with original Italian padding along with fire retardant wall panels from South Korea.
It is one of the most elegantly built luxury motor yachts in the Maldives and is custom made for the passionate water sports enthusiasts. Having a wide range of equipment for scuba diving charters, surfing trips and fishing cruises and with an experienced crew on board assures your charters are well delivered with pre-planned itineraries to suite the purpose of the charters.
The yacht is designed to meet and exceed the high expectation of even the weathered traveller or anyone coming to Maldives looking for a journey of a lifetime on an exclusive yacht, Robinson Crusoe style.


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